Pre Dip Liquid 2 (200g/内容量70ml)

フライを沈める原因は、フライマテリアルの内部までの水の侵入です。どうすれば沈みにくいフライになるのか。 フライマテリアルに特化したPreDipLiquid2は、マテリアル内部まで浸透し、水の浸入を防ぐウォーターガードです。高性能のゴアテックスのレインギアでも水のはじきが悪くなったら、レインガードしませんか?フライにもレインガード!PreDipLiquid2を施したフライとそうでないフライの耐水性は、歴然です。


A super water-repellent agent to be made for only after-tying, it is a water-repellent agent specializing in fly material, penetrates into the interior of the fly and the material it is made from and waterproofs the entire fly, preventing water from entering.

To be used after tying only
Sinking flies are caused by water seeping into the interior of the fly material. How do you make a fly that won't sink? Pre Dip Liquid 2 is made especially for flies and the material. It is a water guard that penetrates into the material and prevents water from entering. If the repelling of water do not becomes too much even with high-performance Gore-Tex rain gear, why not add rain guard? Pre Dip liquid 2 is rain guard for fly! The superior water resistance of the fly with Pre Dip Liquid 2 becomes obvious when compared with a fly without.

<How to use>
After tying, sprinkle the fly heavily, squeeze the solution at the edge of the container, absorb the
rough liquid with a tissue, and let it dry. For faster drying, you can use a Dry meshto dry many flies
at once in a short time.!!

〈取扱い注意事項〉第4類 第2石油類 危険等級掘“鷽緲論 引火性液体


〈Handling precautions〉
Class 4, Second petroleum Hazard class , Water insoluble, Flammable liquid
・ Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited during use.
・ Inhalation of vapor and mist of this product is prohibited.
・ Do not directly touch the form.
・ Keep away from sources that could ignite such as heat, sparks, open flames and high temperatures.
・ Ensure proper ventilation and use outdoors and in well-ventilated and handling workplaces.
・ In case of fire, extinguish with a powder / foam.

First aid
・ Exposure, concerns about exposure, when feeling sick, or if swallowed, consult a physician.
・ If inhaled, move to a location with fresh air and take a break.
・ If on skin, immediately remove all contaminated clothing, remove and wash with an ample amount of running water.
・ Should this get in your eyes, wash immediately with an ample amount of water and consult a physician.
Precautions for storage and disposal
・ Store with close the container in a well-ventilated place, protected from direct sunlight in the temperature range of 5 to 35℃.
・ When disposing, please close the container and dispose as industrial waste.




25g以内 150円
50g以内 250円
100g以内 300円
150g以内 350円
250g以内 400円
500g以内 550円
北海道 1,300円
東北、関東、信越、北陸、東海 870円
(神奈川 810円)
近畿 970円
中国、四国 1,100円
九州 1,300円
沖縄 1,350円

ただし、総額 3,000円以上お買い上げのお客様には、送料無料とさせて頂きます。